FreeCultr Review: Buying a Pajama

April 9, 2013 Apparel, FreeCultr, Review

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It was the start of summer when I went to shopping with my sister. Yeah, a proper shopping; not online, no malls but a proper sweat-jolting shopping at Bazaars of Jaipur. I wanted to buy a comfortable pajama but never went to bazaar shopping for a long time. So, my sister asked me if I wanted to buy a pajama from a shop – though I hesitated first then I nodded my head with a yes.

The shopkeeper showed me a brown cotton pajama with patch work on sides which I didn’t like at all because of its awkward design and high price of Rs. 699. My sister was insisting me to buy it but I nodded my head this time with a no. I told her that I could get better quality and design online at that price (though I didn’t know about the price at that time, I was just guessing) to stop her insisting me to buy it from the old bazaars. However, she (like most others girls I would say) enjoys shopping around on bazaars but I had to rest on every shop. Don’t know why these girls don’t use their brains and start shopping online and save some time, money & energy – at least of their brothers.

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Zovi Review: My First Buying Experience at Zovi

January 20, 2013 Apparel, Review, Zovi

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I am planning to join a gym in few days and need a sweatshirt. Although I already have one sweatshirt but I wanted to buy a new one this winter. I had previously read positive reviews about, so I had to try it by myself this time. I am not aware about the quality of zovi’s product so I had my fingers crossed!

So, I went to and found a perfect sweatshirt priced at Rs. 649. Although this is a very reasonable price for a sweatshirt but I still figured out a way to get discount of Rs. 100 on it by using a zovi coupon code. So I only had to pay Rs. 549 altogether which included free shipping of the product. For your information zovi provides free shipping to all orders above Rs. 500 but if order amount is less than Rs. 500 then they charge Rs. 50 for shipping.

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