FreeCultr Review: Buying a Pajama

April 9, 2013 Apparel, FreeCultr, Review

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It was the start of summer when I went to shopping with my sister. Yeah, a proper shopping; not online, no malls but a proper sweat-jolting shopping at Bazaars of Jaipur. I wanted to buy a comfortable pajama but never went to bazaar shopping for a long time. So, my sister asked me if I wanted to buy a pajama from a shop – though I hesitated first then I nodded my head with a yes.

The shopkeeper showed me a brown cotton pajama with patch work on sides which I didn’t like at all because of its awkward design and high price of Rs. 699. My sister was insisting me to buy it but I nodded my head this time with a no. I told her that I could get better quality and design online at that price (though I didn’t know about the price at that time, I was just guessing) to stop her insisting me to buy it from the old bazaars. However, she (like most others girls I would say) enjoys shopping around on bazaars but I had to rest on every shop. Don’t know why these girls don’t use their brains and start shopping online and save some time, money & energy – at least of their brothers.

So that day in the evening I opened my laptop and headed to search a pajama from online stores. First I went to but I didn’t find cotton pajamas there – though zovi quality is good as I said in my zovi review earlier. Then I went to but they didn’t have anything good as well. I did order a white tee-shirt from Yepme earlier but I didn’t get time to review it. I will do the review for yepme soon.

Anyways, then I went to and I found a specific section for “pajamas” there. I checked it out and I really liked the violet & sap green cotton check pajama design. It was priced at Rs. 799 which is expensive for a cotton pajama and there were no FreeCultr coupon codes available that would give me some discount on that product, so I had to buy it at its asking price as I liked it so much.

Since, the price was expensive for a pajama I was hoping that it has to be of a very good quality. So, I went on and ordered (#1122787) it but surprisingly FreeCultr don’t offer free shipping below Rs. 1000 – so bad! So, I had to pay another Rs. 60 for shipping & handling but they also applied a discount of Rs. 16 to my order (don’t know why – but any discount is good) so it total came to Rs. 843.

Since, I placed order on Saturday evening I was sure that the product won’t get dispatched before next Monday. But surprisingly, “again”, it got delivered on Tuesday afternoon. Fast delivery! I see that online stores are thriving to build a good reputation by delivering the products within 24 hours. It is indeed a good sign for Indian users & e-commerce market. I also received few SMS’s from FreeCultr informing about my order status.

FreeCultr Packaging

This is how the parcel was packed.

FreeCultr Pajama

This is the pajama that I ordered.

Freecultr Checked Pajama

I really liked the quality of this pajama.

The product was packed very well and most importantly the quality of product was SUPERB! I must say that it was high quality, even better than Zovi’s and Yepme’s. I tried it and it fitted very well (I ordered size M) and I was not feeling like if I was being squeezed. Everyone liked the design and quality. I will show it to my sister and I am sure I will have a chance to yell at her now. Haha! The fight never ends (between us).

Updated: July 6, 2013 – I have recently ordered (##1147588) some products with FreeCultr again but the product were not delivered to me within 6 days. So, I called them to check on my order and I was told that one of the products which I ordered was not available. I was surprised that they didn’t even notify me regarding this which has dwelled my impression on FreeCultr. So, I asked them to refund the amount back to my bank account as I pre-paid through Debit Card but they (Mr. Umar & Mr. Himanshu) told me that amount cannot be refunded back to bank account as it is not their policy; however, they told me that they can refund it to my FreeCultr account. So, if you are about to cancel your FreeCultr order and would like to get the amount refunded back to your bank account; then this is not going to happen. So buy wisely with FreeCultr i.e., always use their COD (Cash on Delivery) while ordering.

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