FreeCultr Review: Buying a Pajama

April 9, 2013 Apparel, FreeCultr, Review

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It was the start of summer when I went to shopping with my sister. Yeah, a proper shopping; not online, no malls but a proper sweat-jolting shopping at Bazaars of Jaipur. I wanted to buy a comfortable pajama but never went to bazaar shopping for a long time. So, my sister asked me if I wanted to buy a pajama from a shop – though I hesitated first then I nodded my head with a yes.

The shopkeeper showed me a brown cotton pajama with patch work on sides which I didn’t like at all because of its awkward design and high price of Rs. 699. My sister was insisting me to buy it but I nodded my head this time with a no. I told her that I could get better quality and design online at that price (though I didn’t know about the price at that time, I was just guessing) to stop her insisting me to buy it from the old bazaars. However, she (like most others girls I would say) enjoys shopping around on bazaars but I had to rest on every shop. Don’t know why these girls don’t use their brains and start shopping online and save some time, money & energy – at least of their brothers.

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