Zovi Review: My First Buying Experience at Zovi

January 20, 2013 Apparel, Review, Zovi

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I am planning to join a gym in few days and need a sweatshirt. Although I already have one sweatshirt but I wanted to buy a new one this winter. I had previously read positive reviews about Zovi.com, so I had to try it by myself this time. I am not aware about the quality of zovi’s product so I had my fingers crossed!

So, I went to zovi.com and found a perfect sweatshirt priced at Rs. 649. Although this is a very reasonable price for a sweatshirt but I still figured out a way to get discount of Rs. 100 on it by using a zovi coupon code. So I only had to pay Rs. 549 altogether which included free shipping of the product. For your information zovi provides free shipping to all orders above Rs. 500 but if order amount is less than Rs. 500 then they charge Rs. 50 for shipping.

I made the order on December 1, 2012 (order no. FU7D7) using my debit card and their order page stated that the delivery will be made before December 7, 2012. However, the delivery was made on December 3, 2012. Pretty fast, isn’t it? Apart from paying through debit or credit card zovi also accepts “Cash on Delivery”. Also you can pay in installments using their EMI service through credit card when your purchase is above Rs. 1500. Finally, I received the parcel which was very well packed.

Zovi Sweatshirt Parcel

This is the how the parcel looked when I received it.

Zovi Sweatshirt Box

Box containing the sweatshirt.

Zovi Sweatshirt Packaging

This is how the sweatshirt was packed.

I reviewed the quality of my new sweatshirt and I must say that I was really impressed! The fabric felt very soft and was comparable to top named brands in terms of quality. I had received a high quality sweatshirt for a low price of Rs. 549.

Zovi Sweatshirt

This is the sweatshirt that I ordered.

Zovi sweatshirt disclaimer

Sweatshirt came with this disclaimer card detailing about the fabric’s nature.

Though zovi sent me emails for order confirmation and shipment (which had the tracking no.), one thing I didn’t like about zovi is that; the account page is not updated with information like delivery date, dispatch date, tracking no. etc.  Other than that it was a very pleasant experience with zovi.

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