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June 23, 2014 Books

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The history of reading as an activity goes back to the 4th millennium BC with the discovery of writing as a means of communication. With the invention of reading and writing, people became more and more expressive with their thoughts leading to the invention of grammar and development of several languages. Reading is not only a means of communication but is also practiced as a widespread means of entertainment, study, analysis and is a major part of the process of learning. Reading as an activity is practiced by nearly every individual in the world. Whether it is through school text-books, novels, story books, comics, graphic novels, magazines, billboards, cookbooks, advertisement signs, road signs, posters, encyclopedia etc. reading has become an essential part of human lives. For those who love reading are often troubled with the problem of finding books of their liking. Thanks to the internet, people can now avail their favorite books online through the various online book stores. Here’s the list of the top 7 online bookstores in India.

1. Flipkart

Founded in 2007, Flipkart started as an e-commerce website that focused on selling books online. The website has a collection of over 12000000 titles of books, magazines, e-books, comic books, cookbooks, text books. As their business has expanded over the years, Flipkart is one of the top e-commerce website in India with their own brand of products called DigiFlip. Flipkart also offers several special discounts on books via online deals and Flipkart coupons.

2. Amazon.In

The self proclaimed ‘Largest online bookstore in India’, is the Indian website for The website contains over 10 million books for sale with categories ranging from, fiction, non-fiction, encyclopedias, text books, magazines, e-books, instructional guides, comics and graphic novels and travel guides etc. has recently expanded their collection and has several special offers and discounts. The collection features books from the best selling Indian and international authors.

3. Infibeam

Started in 2007, Infibeam is one of the oldest e-commerce website that focuses on selling books online. Infibeam is also known for its personal e-book reader than can be utilized to read the various e-books available on the website. The website is noted to sell several rare and un-popular titles from the most esteemed of Indian and international authors along with audiobooks and e-books. Both new and used books can be bought on and several discounts and offers can be availed via deals and Infibeam coupons.

4. Bookadda

As the name suggests, is an e-commerce website that specializes purely in the selling of books. The website contains several categories of books including, novels, academic textbooks, learning guides, self-help books, non-fiction, humor, religion etc. at the lowest prices. One can also read several e-books in the ‘Best reads’ section. Bookadda also offer several discounts from time to time.

5. Homeshop18

The name is familiar with several Indians as homeshop18 is an online and on air shopping network which started as India’s 1st 24-hour teleshopping channel. The online store contains millions of titles from the famous international and Indian authors along with several audio books. The website offers free shipping across India and cash on delivery. Readers can also avail several discounts on the top selling books via homeshop18 discounts and coupons.

6. EBay. in

The Indian platform of the famous, the website is one of the most famous and largest online marketplaces in the world. The website recently updated its collection and now features over a million titles ranging from audio books, fiction, academic text books, religion, science, science fiction, comic books and graphic novels, guides, encyclopedias, dictionaries and self help books etc. are available on; while they also offer various coupons at regular intervals.


What started as a chain of bookstores in India is also one of the best online bookstores in India. Crossword was founded in 1994 and has several bookstores across the major Indian cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Kolkata, Chennai, Jaipur, Indore, Kota, Raipur, Hyderabad, Thane, Cochin and Bhopal etc. The website features few of the most rare and hard to find titles and several other fictional and non-fictional titles by famous Indian and international authors. You can also find crossword coupons and special deals to save extra money on your purchase.

The above-mentioned websites are considered to be among the top online bookstores in India. The amazing collection of books is offered at some of the most enticing prices. On most of these websites the shipping is free across India and several websites also offer the ‘cash on delivery’ and ‘discount coupons’ and ‘student discounts’ to promote the selling of more and more books.

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