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November 11, 2012 Eyeglasses, Lenskart, Review

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I was experiencing strain in my eye muscles from past few days, so I decided to go and visit my eye specialist Dr. Ashok Puri (Jaipur). According to him, my eyes have become weaker & I will now require a new set of eye glasses with increased power. 🙁

I am very sad that my eyes are becoming weaker; I asked him if there is any way that my eyes can be fully cured. He said, “There isn’t much that can be done to cure this problem and you shouldn’t worry about it”. I was totally heartbroken to hear this. After a long time of denial and regret, I accepted the fact that I had damaged my beloved sense of vision – “my eyes”.

Anyways, I thought about ordering my new power eyeglasses through Lenskart.com & writing a detailed review about their service. Although I have bought many items online, I have never ordered “power eyeglasses” online, as each & every set of power eyeglasses need to be customized according to specific user needs.

So, I went to their website and selected an eyeglass frame. I generally prefer half rimmed frames in standard designs (nothing funky). When I clicked the “buy now” button, a popup emerged asking me the prescription details for my eyeglasses.

Lenskart Prescription Details

Lenskart Prescription Details

Although I had the doctor’s prescription with me, I used their online chat service to confirm which option will be best suited for me. Manu (chat representative) was very helpful and suggested me to send my prescription details via email.

If you don’t want to email your prescription details, you can directly input the details by selecting “I know my prescription” option (see below).

Lenskart Prescription Details

Lenskart Prescription Details

In the next window, you will be asked to select the lens package for your eyeglasses (see below). I selected “GOLD” as I wanted a better quality lens than normal ones.

Standard Lens Packages

Standard Lens Packages

If you think that these standard lens options don’t cater your needs. You can also customize the lenses according to your need by clicking “Build Your Own” option (see below).

Eye Lens Customization

Eye Lens Customization

I added these products to my cart and my total order amount was Rs 1849 (Rs 999 for eyeglass frame & Rs 850 for lens). Now, I started searching for coupons on lenskart website, their facebook pages, twitter account and everywhere else. It took great deal of my time and finally I found some working coupons. And the most treasured one saved me Rs 500 flat. Now I had to pay Rs 1349 for my eyeglasses & lens. Not bad huh! 😛

Good news is that, I have listed all working coupons on my lenskart coupon page which I will be updating on regular basis.

I wanted to try their “Cash on Delivery” service but they charge an additional fee of Rs 25 for this service. So, I paid via debit card to complete my order today on Nov. 11th (order no. 1200110324).

I will keep you updated when the eyeglasses arrive.

Just wanted to let you guys know that my order arrived on Nov. 16th. So, it took around 5 days for lenskart to send my order to Jaipur (it was diwali on 13th Nov; so that might have caused some delay). The package was wrapped by a plastic bag (as shown below).

Lenskart Parcel

Here are some more photos of how my parcel was packed.

Lenskart Package

Here is the photo of eyeglasses I ordered:

Lenskart Eyeglasses

I received a free screwdriver (for eyeglasses) & Rs 2000 worth of coupons in the parcel too.

Eyeglasses Screwdriver

Lenskart Coupons

Although I was very excited to see my parcel, but when I tried on my eyeglasses; I didn’t like them.  They seemed a little big for my face. 🙁 So, I have decided to return the lenskart parcel (in exchange of another design). I will write about lenskart refund process on my next post.

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