Flipkart Review: Buying Books Online

December 1, 2012 Books, Flipkart

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I read an online article (link) which said that myopic eye (near-sightedness) can be fully cured by a natural method. It talked about a way of healing eyes in which people with myopia don’t need to wear eyeglasses anymore. After a little research, I came to know about a book (Better Eyesight Without Glasses) which had this method explained. So, I went to flipkart.com to check if it is available.

I found the book (link) at Flipkart and it was priced at Rs 95. I ordered the book right-away (also read: Top 7 Online Book Stores in India) and had to pay total Rs 125 as Flipkart charges additional Rs 30 (as shipping charges) if your total order amount is less than Rs 300.

I ordered the book on 26th November at around 5 pm. The next day, I was shocked to see the delivery guy (courier boy) at 11 am with the book. That was a rocked fast delivery; total time taken by flipkart was only around 19 hours – that’s amazing! I was really excited to receive my order so fast. Here are some photos of the book as I received:

Flipkart Book Parcel

This is how the parcel (book) was packed – simple and clean.

Flipkart Book

This is the book I ordered.

Flipkart Book Mark

I also liked this simple (& cool) book mark.

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