Top 7 Online Book Stores in India

June 23, 2014 Books

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The history of reading as an activity goes back to the 4th millennium BC with the discovery of writing as a means of communication. With the invention of reading and writing, people became more and more expressive with their thoughts leading to the invention of grammar and development of several languages. Reading is not only a means of communication but is also practiced as a widespread means of entertainment, study, analysis and is a major part of the process of learning. Reading as an activity is practiced by nearly every individual in the world. Whether it is through school text-books, novels, story books, comics, graphic novels, magazines, billboards, cookbooks, advertisement signs, road signs, posters, encyclopedia etc. reading has become an essential part of human lives. For those who love reading are often troubled with the problem of finding books of their liking. Thanks to the internet, people can now avail their favorite books online through the various online book stores. Here’s the list of the top 7 online bookstores in India.

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Flipkart Review: Buying Books Online

December 1, 2012 Books, Flipkart

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I read an online article (link) which said that myopic eye (near-sightedness) can be fully cured by a natural method. It talked about a way of healing eyes in which people with myopia don’t need to wear eyeglasses anymore. After a little research, I came to know about a book (Better Eyesight Without Glasses) which had this method explained. So, I went to to check if it is available.

I found the book (link) at Flipkart and it was priced at Rs 95. I ordered the book right-away (also read: Top 7 Online Book Stores in India) and had to pay total Rs 125 as Flipkart charges additional Rs 30 (as shipping charges) if your total order amount is less than Rs 300.

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