6 Best Mobile Phone Shopping Sites in India

June 25, 2014 Mobile Phones

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What were once expensive gadgets only a handful could afford; mobile phones have become one of the largest selling commodities across the globe. From the simplistic flip-phones to the miniaturized computer-like smartphones, mobile phones have found a place in the pockets and homes of a majority of Indian and global populace. If you are looking for a website to purchase the latest in technology mobile phones at the cheapest of prices, here’s the list of the top 6 Mobile Shopping Sites in India.

1. Flipkart

What started as an e-commerce marketplace for books, Flipkart.com is one of the top online mobile marketplaces in India. With their brilliant delivery system, fantastic and money saving discounts, cash backs and EMI options, Flipkart has become synonymous with the keywords ‘Mobile Shopping Online in India’. Flipkart also offers several deals on combo offers including essential mobile phone accessories and services like free shipping and cash on delivery.

2. Snapdeal

As the name suggests, the website is all about deals and offers on the leading mobile phone brands such as Apple, Sony, Samsung, Nokia, Motorola and Micromax etc. Snapdeal.com offers various discount coupons and also features the latest and the most useful of mobile phone accessories. Various services like express delivery and cash on delivery has made Snapdeal a leading e-commerce website in India.

3. Homeshop18

Well known as India’s first 24-hour teleshopping channel, homeshop18 is a name trusted by Indian consumers. One can always watch the demo of a particular product on TV before checking its specs on the website. With over thousands of the latest mobile phone from brands like Sony, Apple, Samsung, and Nokia etc. Homeshop18 also features special offers and discount of the top cell phone models.

4. Amazon.in

The website that is trusted by millions across the globe now has a separate website exclusive for India. Amazon.in is one of the best websites for mobile shopping with the best offers on the most popular cell phone model. Amazon.in features mobile phones from various price ranges and limited period deals to save money. The wide range of mobile accessories can be paired with the best deals on your favorite smartphones for special discounts.

5. Ebay.in

Another Indian avatar of a globally famous online marketplace, eBay.in offers few of the best deals and discounts on the top selling mobile phones. Through its quick and efficient service and ease of payment, the worldwide leader in e-commerce has also made a comfortable place in the Indian online market. EBay.in has the largest numbers of buyers and sellers with several offers for the various product categories.

6. Indiatimes Shopping

The very founder of electronics based e-commerce platform in India, Indiatimes Shopping is owned by the Indian media moguls The Times Group. The products are sold and advertised through print, online and phone media and is one of the leading websites for online mobile phone shopping. The site also features several offers on the highest selling mobile phone brands and also has the best prices on the latest mobile phone accessories.

With the advancement of the internet age through the use of tablets and the smartphones, online shopping has become a multi-million dollar industry along with the mobile phone industry. The above-mentioned websites are few of the most popular websites that feature the widest range with the best deals and prices on the latest in technology mobile phones. The various discount coupons and online deals and offers have made these websites leaders in online mobile shopping.

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